Terms And Conditions

Tomley Creations

Please print for your records

1. Payment and Invoicing
1.1 Tomley Creations accepts, payment of BACS, CASH and PayPal
1.2 Tomley Creations aren’t VAT registered, all quotes provided will not include VAT
1.3 Up front payment is required to start work, minimum of 50% or unless agreed.
1.4 All up front payments and deposits for all services taken by Tomley Creations: Website Design, E Commerce Designs, Logo Creations and Social Media Management are all non-refundable
1.5 Once website is completed and signed off, Tomley Creations require the remaining balance agreed.
1.6 All monthly payments are to be paid on the 1st of each month unless agreed.
1.7 Non-payments will result in website being redirected to https://tomleycreations.co.uk if no payment is made within 14 days
1.8 All annual payments are to be paid on the anniversary of your completion date.
1.9 All direct debits will be collect via GOCardless payment method.
1.10 Tomley Creations hold the right to charge for late payments, if payments are declined. Charge £15.00+ Vat
1.11 We may charge for major changes to your website, this would depending on the changes you request

2. Domain Names

2.1 Tomley Creations holds the rights for all domain names, brough by Tomley Creations 2.2 All quotations given include free domain names, unless stated by Tomley Creations
2.3 Additional domain names can be brought, but will forward to the main one domain unless agreed by Tomley Creations
2.4 Renewals are included in the monthly and annual packages.
2.5 Tomley Creations hold the right to cancel any domain name with supplier if needed.
2.6 Domain name transffered away from Tomley Creation will be charged £50
2.6 Domain name purchased by Tomley Creations are under the ownership of Tomley Creations.
2.7 If a service is cancelled with Tomley Creations, domain name will be put up for sale.

3. Imagery & Copyright

3.1 Tomley Creations takes no liability for images provided by the Client
3.2 Tomley Creations can provide royaly free images
2.3 Client is responible for granting Tomley Creation premission to use images and logos provided by yourself.
2.4 Tomley Creations may ask for information provided by the Client for descripitions
2.5 Tomley Creations take no liability for descriptions provided by the Client

4. Website And E-Commerce Packages

4.1 Tomley Creations takes no liability for getting your website to Google Number 1
4.2 Tomley Creations will do their very best get your website ranked highly
4.3 Our Website Design packages are not contracted
4.4 Tomley Creations will provide hosting through third party and take no liability if down.
4.5 All Websites created by Tomley Creations, will have stated ‘Created By Tomley Creations’ in the footer
4.6 If you choose to terminate creations during draft stage, all data will be deleted.
4.7 We accept no liability for errors, spelling errors, inaccurate information once approval have been completed.
4.8 We do not proof read any information provided by the client.
4.9 Our E-Commerce websites are integrate with PayPal and Stripe.
4.10 When integrate E-Commerce, you may be charge a small fee per transaction by Merchant.

5. Completion And Approval

5.1 Once completed, final payment are due within 7 days.
5.2 Tomley Creation will provide GOCardless link to set up direct debit
5.3 While awaiting feedback from final draft, if no communication after 7 days, Tomley Creations have the right to withdrawn websites.
5.4 Digital copies can be purchased at a agreed price.
5.5 All websites are mobile friendly and shareable through social media.
5.6 Additional pages will be password protected until sign off and payment is completed.

6. Emails

6.1 Emails are stored onto Tomley Creations dedicated server.
6.2 All emails accounts have storage up to 200mb unless agreed.
6.3 Unlimited users per website account
6.4 If monies are owned on the account, Tomley Creations have the right to disable access to emails.
6.5 After cancellation, emails are stored up to 90 days on server.
6.6 After 90 days, Tomley Creations have the right to delete remaining data from their servers.

7. Cancellation

7.1 If you wish to cancel your service, Tomley Creations require this to be in writing.
7.2 Should you cancel your direct debit without agreed with Tomley Creations, your hosting will be terminated.
7.3 If a direct debit has been cancelled without agreed with Tomley Creations, to restore services will occur £150 fee to restore your hosting.
7.4 If a direct debit has been cancelled without agreed with Tomley Creations, your emails will be disable.
7.5 After your services have been cancelled your website will be stored up to 90 days.

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